Aaron Hernandez- The Picture Gets Clearer

Seemingly every day that passes the news for, the former New England Patriots Tight End, Aaron Hernandez just keeps getting worse.

How does it get worse than 1st degree murder charges? Being the prime suspect in a double homicide, that’s how.

Hernandez is now under investigation for a double murder in July of 2012, in Boston. According to reports the double homicide happened when an SUV,with Rhode Island plates, pulled up alongside the car both were stopped at a stoplight. Then gunfire from the SUV riddled the car killing both the driver and passenger and wounding another passenger.

It all stems from a brawl that the two men killed were involved in with a group Hernandez was with. Apparently Odin Lloyd, the man Hernandez is charged with killing in “execution style”, knew about the 2012 killings and was talking with people Hernandez did not like. Thus giving the Prosecution a clear motive for Lloyd’s killing.

The amount of involvement Hernandez had, if any, in the 2012 double homicide case is still very unknown. Was he the driver? The gunman? Or just a passenger?

One thing is certain. Aaron Hernandez is going to have his hands full to ever see the freedom he once had.

Is Hernandez a cold-blooded psychopathic killer? Is he just a dumb ass?  I don’t know for sure.

What I do know is people like Geraldo Rivera need to shut their mouths. Rivera on FOX News went on about the NFL having a “gang culture”. That’s pure bull. He didn’t paint with a broad brush, he opened the paint can and just threw it against the wall. There are roughly 1.600 NFL players. How many Aaron Hernandez’ have we had? One. It’s just like any other profession you have some bad people but even the bad one’s aren’t killers.

I didn’t hear Rivera on this soapbox when O.J. Simpson was on trial. MOST athletes are from inner cities and crime and gang ridden places. Most of the time the kids who have good athletic prospects weed themselves out by either going all in, in the gang life or just letting sports fall by the wayside altogether far before they start receiving any letters or calls from college’s.

So there is no “gang culture” in the NFL and Rivera and other media types are simply flapping their jaws with zero facts to back up their claims and off the cuff comments.

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Aaron Hernandez-What’s Next?

Nine days after the body of Odin Lloyd was found dead with multiple bullet wounds to his chest and back. Today Wednesday June 26th 2013, Aaron Hernandez has been officially charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was also charged with 5 counts of unlawful possession of firearms.

As I mentioned, in a previous post here, things did not look good for the former New England Patriots Tight End a week ago. All the talk then was he was to be charged with Obstruction of Justice. Far too many things didn’t add up for him to be just obstructing justice. The damage to his cell phone and home surveillance system, then having a cleaning crew to basically “scrub the evidence.”

So looking forward what happens? Now these are just my own thoughts. I believe he would LOVE the D.A. to offer a plea deal to him. maybe dropping it to second degree murder with a chance to be a free man someday way down the road. I do not believe the D.A. will offer him anything. I believe they have such an airtight case that they will look to convict him and that he will end up with a LIFE sentence.

I believe one or both of the other men have spilled everything on Hernandez and the police executed several search warrants to ensure that they would be in position to make sure they get their man.

So in summary, I believe Hernandez is looking at LIFE in prison.

Please share your thoughts and reply to my posts.

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NBA Finals, NHL Final

As sports fans know getting to the Championship round of any sport is difficult and we’re supposed to see “the 2 best teams” play for the Championship. Far too many times these series never come close to living up to the “2 best teams”. This year was pretty darn special for the NBA and NHL as they obviously had their respective sport’s 2 best teams playing for the Championship. These weren’t good series’ either, they were great, nail-biting, series’.

The Heat vs. Spurs was an epic series. With each team trading blowout wins and three very close, very tight, and very good games. Game 5 Manu Ginobli  had a turn back the clock type of performance for the Spurs. Game 6 was one for ESPN Classic. The Spurs up 5 with 28 seconds left. LeBron James knocks down a 3. Kawhi Leonard gets fouled with 19 seconds and has 2 free throws. Leonard missed the first and hit the second. The Spurs put Tim Duncan on the bench so they could guard against the 3. Well LeBron James jacked up a 3 from the top of the key hit iron. Chris Bosh grabbed the rebound threw to Ray Allen, the league’s all time best 3 point shooter, who drained a 3 with 5.2 seconds left in the 4th quarter. TIE GAME. The Heat went on to win the game in overtime. Game 7 was close and had its swings of momentum as well but in the end San Antonio’s turnover’s and missed shots became too much to overcome and the Heat won their second Championship in consecutive seasons. Really a great series and it was topped off with Spurs players genuinely congratulating the Heat players. Which should be the case but in the NBA the losing team very rarely does anything except go straight to the locker room.

The NHL Final had pretty much the same feel the Chicago Blackhawks were the best team in the league the entire season and the Bruins were right up there too. Seemingly every game could have gone either way. In the end, down a goal, in Boston, with a minute and 16 seconds left Bryan Bickell tied the game. Then in a blink of an eye, 45 seconds, Dave Bolland beat Tuukka Rask for the game winning and ultimately Championship winning goal.

Two of the best Finals series that have been played in a long, long time and of course it came in the same span of 15 days. Here’s hoping to seeing many more great Championship series in the future.



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Aaron Hernandez-The Plot Thickens

Four men left, three came home alive. As most you know New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez is in quite a bad spot. When it was first reported an “associate” of Hernandez was killed. Victim Odin Lloyd, Hernandez, and two other unnamed men went to a bar Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It seemed like many of the senseless alcohol fueled killings. Maybe a fight with someone at the club that led to a shooting or something of the sort. Then reports came pouring in that Lloyd was found dead about a mile away, in an industrial park, from Hernandez’ house in a Boston suburb. Still no indications of Hernandez’ involvement in the crime.

Fast forward to Thursday and reports were Hernandez was not cooperating with the police. Later in the day ABC News reported Hernandez’ cell phone and home surveillance system were damage. In fact, the cell phone was reportedly turned over to authorities ‘in pieces” and that the hard drive to the surveillance system was severely damaged. Then later on that day were reports of a cleaning crew that came in to thoroughly clean Hernandez’ residence.

Friday many reports were Hernandez would be arrested on Obstruction of Justice charges. Those reports never did become a reality. Now the question has to be why. Why was his phone and surveillance system damaged? Why did a cleaning crew come in? Why wouldn’t he cooperate with police?

I have to believe Hernandez was far more involved in the murder than just the Obstruction of Justice. An innocent man doesn’t do these sort of things. Now I don’t know if he pulled the trigger. I don’t know what his role was but I do believe he had a role in the death of Odin Lloyd. Was he just the driver? Did one of the other two men in the car kill Lloyd and Hernandez is protecting that guy?

I think, the reason for not arresting Hernandez on Obstruction of Justice charges is because he will indeed be charged with a higher crime and just wanted to make sure their case will be as tight as possible. Now he could face anything from the rumored Obstruction charges all the way up to first degree murder and really anything in between.

I fully expect police to make arrests in this case this week and we will learn some answers to all the whys.

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LeBron James- The Greatness and The Scrutiny

LeBron James and the Miami Heat won their 2nd NBA Championship last night, back to back I might add and have made the NBA Finals in all 3 of his year’s in Miami. LeBron has a lot of fans and he has a lot of people who want to see him not win, to see him fail. He is a great player and anybody who says otherwise has an agenda, PERIOD.

Now he has done things that were pretty stupid no doubt. “The Decision”, the hype show he and fellow teammates Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade had, choosing to go to Miami in the first place all pretty bad choices. I say choosing to play in Miami because it has no real heritage among the NBA landscape. New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, these are die-hard fans of the sport and support even the worse teams their respective cities have fielded in the past. Miami before James and Bosh were drawing maybe 10,000 people a game. Now it’s just a “cool’ thing to do. Go watch the Heat then head to a nightclub or whatever. Had James chosen a city with a well established fan base such as Chicago I believe he would not have received half the criticism and scrutiny he has. Ultimately that’s neither here nor there, he choose Miami and the criticism has come.

Do I like his flopping or crying for a foul on every possession? No I don’t but it’s the whole league doing it not just him. Yes it’s very irritating and something the league most definitely has to crack the whip on.

The media outlets criticize his game a lot. He doesn’t have Micheal’s “killer instinct”, he’s far too passive, and on and on. What we are seeing is a humble kid who likes to get his teammates involved and let them shine too. He has been this way since his high school days. Is that so bad in the selfish world we live in?

We are seeing GREATNESS people. A different kind of greatness than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. This young man could put up a triple double EVERY single night if he was so inclined to do so. He’s not. He could score 45 a game if he wanted to. He doesn’t. We just watched LeBron James a 6’9” Power Forward guard Tony Parker a slick and skilled 6’1” point guard and shut him down. That’s the greatness of LeBron James. Do you think Kobe or Michael could guard and shut down a top Power Forward ? Not a chance. LeBron can guard any player on the court with the exception of a Center. Who else throughout NBA/ABA history can you say that about? Nobody.

So while you want to diss his game you really can’t. He can score at will, he can defend anyone, he can pass like Magic Johnson, and he can close out games. Give the guy his props and let him live and enjoy his amazing talents.


Thanks for reading, Kevin

If this doesn't remind you of a kid on Christmas I don't know what would

If this doesn’t remind you of a kid on Christmas I don’t know what would

Shut Parker down

Shut Parker down

Race, Politics, and Religion

As I said this blog is mainly a sports blog. Today however I veer from the sports world into the heaviest of topics. Race, Politics, and Religion.

Sadly there is still racism in the world today and here in America it’s still prevalent BUT it has also become a crutch and a way to stir things up that otherwise have no reason to be brought up. See Rob Parker‘s comments on Robert Griffin III.


We American’s have a black President and if a white person doesn’t like his politics or just the man himself, it’s labeled as “racism”, this is not true. It’s just a person with different skin and a differing opinion on the leader of our country.

Obviously as a white man I understand the historical meaning behind Obama‘s election. I don’t say I can relate to the 80-year-old black person who is only 2 generations removed from slavery in the United States. I can simply only imagine how monumental seeing a black man become President of the United States of America was. Black people came out in record numbers for both of Obama’s elections. Which is understandable as well. I don’t however understand how people can back this man as our country’s leader. He hasn’t done anything for our economy, or any other thing that the people need. Our National debt has gone up astronomically since he’s been in office. Has zero to do with what color the man is. To me he has failed as our country’s leader.

When he announced he was running for President he was the “cool” guy who liked sports said the NCAA Division 1 needed a football playoff and went on to do what ALL POLITICIANS DO, say what people want to hear.

Politicians are legal modern-day mobsters. It’s sad but it is true. They do what they want no matter how it affects the people or how immoral and wrong it may be. I don’t like politics and have no real interest in them because of the inherit corruption that’s embedded in the very fiber of the political world known as the District of Columbia.

There’s been much said and written about Obama being a Muslim. I’ve never heard him say what faith he is. I do know that his positions and legislation’s are very anti Christian. Our country is still predominantly a Christian nation. Sadly our world has become very anti Christian in all ways. Television is the biggest culprit. You can watch any number of shows and they will use God’s name in vain and that’s not bleeped out but the word “shit’ is.  The popular show ‘Family Guy‘ blatantly mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity a lot.  People say, “I don’t want to hear about your religion.” OK well I don’t care to hear you bring up my religion and bashing it. So no matter what your beliefs are why would you trash mine? If you don’t believe there is a God then why bash people who do believe? It seems like a waste of your time if you don’t believe in anything debating those who do, does what exactly?

I have no shame in my belief in Jesus Christ the Living Son of God. I’d had battles with doubts, failure, lack of faith, everything you name it I have struggled with it. Through it all my faith in Christ has gotten me beyond the battles and struggles. I believe the Bible is the infallible word of God inspired by His Spirit, His disciples and it is our life’s guide-book.

This post is pretty much open and shut about what I believe and these topics that are ever so touchy issues but one’s I felt I needed to address.

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NBA Flopping-How To Get Rid of It

So flopping in the NBA has been the big thing the past few seasons but this year, especially this post season, it has gotten to a place where it makes the game hard to watch and respect. When you have Lebron James getting bumped/pushed by a little 6ft 190lb point guard and all of a sudden James, 6’9″ 270lb, is on the floor it’s reached ridiculous heights.

The WWE may have more legitimacy than the NBA at this point. It’s not just James either it’s a league wide epidemic and the only way to stop this nonsense is to hand out suspensions. Do you think Lebron James cares about being fined $7,500? Not a chance. Would him not playing a game or two get his attention? You’re darn right it would and you start with James and the bigger names to show the rest of the NBA that status and popularity has nothing to do with it. It is most definitely a situation that has to be handled this off season.

Let me know your suggestions does the league need to hand out suspensions or heavier fines? What would you do to take care of this problem.

Thanks for reading, Kevin.

NFL in London

So according to  numerous reports NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is dead set on London having an actual franchise. Sure they sell out the game or two they host now but will they do it 8 times a season for years to come? What would entice a free agent to live and play in London? How would the logistics work? These are just a few of many questions surrounding this topic.

Oh by the way we still have no team in Los Angeles. L.A. is and has been the NFL’s power play to teams “needing” new stadiums or stadium upgrades. They don’t want a team in L.A. they want the just continue to dangle that carrot, Minnesota anyone?

I just don’t see an NFL franchise in London working for several reasons but the main one is interest. American football is called “American Football” for a reason, soccer, or football to the rest of the world is THE SPORT. The NFL will find this out if in fact they do start a London franchise. The NFL is not a global sport, never has been and never will be. So improve the product you already have instead of looking to expand to a place that really nobody wants you to.

Detroit Lions 2013 Outlook

So free agency and the draft are over. We’re about a month and a half away from training camp. What does the outlook of this team look like? Well I have 5 reasons for the Lions being in the playoff conversation at the end of the season and 5 reasons why they won’t.

5 Reasons The Lions Will Be Better.

#1 Reggie Bush. He was our big time free agent addition and should be a perfect fit to this offense. With his versatility as a runner and pass catcher he should create a nice addition to improve our offense and alleviate the coverage looks Calvin Johnson will get.

#2 Secondary. While our secondary WAS NOT the biggest problem on last year’s team it did not make plays. We only conjured up 11 interceptions in 16 games and did not have a single interception returned for a touchdown. With depth and new personnel I expect much better production from this unit.

#3 Give away/Take away. This is a huge stat last season we were utterly awful. 3rdworst in the entire league with a ranking of minus 16. When you are giving the ball away and not getting takeaways it will always put you behind the 8 ball. We forced 13 fumbles but only recovered 6. Leaving 7 possessions on the field. Thus tied into the Secondary, this stat has to be and should be improved.

#4 Offensive Balance. Now we have the greatest WR in the game but our balance was so out of whack and pass heavy it can only improve. We threw the ball 740 times last year. While we ran it only 391 times. It equals out to roughly 174 rushing attempts to have an equally balanced offense. So while Calvin is great, his greatness was actually stifled by the lack of rushing. Matthew Stafford’s arm while young and strong had to be pretty weary after last season. So finding a more balanced offense should help everyone.

#5 Nick Fairley. Last season we finally seen the impact this kid can make. He had 5 and a half sacks and 8 tackles for a loss. He made his presence made in a big way the last 5 games of the season. The key to him is staying healthy and on the field. He has yet to play a full season since becoming a professional. With him and Ndamukong Suh, 8 sacks and 8 tackles for a loss,  paired up at the defensive tackle spot they should be able to truly make the offense pick which guy to double team and open up the other guy and the defensive ends too.

5 Reasons The Lions Will Be The Same/Worst

#1 Scott Linehan. Jim Schwartz did not do himself any favors this off season. First he fired the much respected and well liked Shawn Jefferson as the Wide Receiver’s coach and then decided not to make a change at offensive coordinator. Last year, and the past two years, Linehan has been totally predictable. Every game he runs at least 2 reserves and on evident down and distance, 2nd and 3 or whatever. He has been very underwhelming play caller and offensive game planer. I see no changing in him. He seems set in his ways and you can’t be a good offensive coordinator if you don’t constantly evolve your play calls and game plans.

#2 The #2 WR. Since Calvin Johnson has been here the number 2 WR spot has been a revolving door. First it was Roy Williams, then Nate Burleson, then Titus Young, then Ryan Broyles. NONE of these guys are number 2’s, they’re all small slot guys and you can’t expect them to be the Z receiver spot, otherwise known as the flanker. Mayhew probably didn’t want to take another WR in the 2nd round again this past draft. The free agent market for WR’s has been weak unless you want more of what we have, slot guys. Now they Lion’s and the beat writer’s will tell you they expect Patrick Edwards or Kris Durham to be that guy. I would not bet on it. Reggie Bush will most likely be our 2nd receiving option this season.

#3 The Offensive Line. With the retirement of Jeff Backus and release of Stephen Peterman the offensive line will have at least 3 new starters this season. 2012 1st round pick Reilly Reiff will be our starting left tackle. Rob Sims will be our left guard. the other 3 positions are up for grabs. Longtime starter Dominic Raiola will be competing with Bill Nagy for the Center position. Nagy will also battle rookie Larry Warford for the right guard spot. At right tackle Jason Fox and Corey Hilliard will be vying for that position. To plug in 1 new starter is often times a challenge but 3 is going to be incredibly difficult to find a cohesion within the group.

#4 The Defensive Ends. With Cliff Avril leaving for Seattle in free agency and letting Kyle Vanden Bosch go this off season, both of our starting defensive ends the past 3 seasons are now gone. We signed Jason Jones who can play both end and tackle will probably battle Willie Young this camp to be 1 starter. The other starter is going to be the 5th overall pick of this year’s draft Ezekiel Ansah. Not exactly a proven group. They could be good, they could be bad but I strongly believe the outcome will come from how well Suh and Fairley play.

#5 Matthew Stafford. While I believe Stafford is a franchise quarterback he took a big step backwards last season. His TD/INT ratio was horrible. A lot was made of his side arming some throws and his footwork was also scrutinized. I seen a statistic recently that blew me away. Matthew Stafford is 1-23 versus winning teams.Granted the defense did blow leads in 10 of those games but still  1 and 23. Was 2011 a complete aberration? We will know much more this season on what kind of quarterback Stafford truly is.

I see this team as a 6-10 type of team. The coach and GM are on the hot seat and there’s far too many moving parts for me to believe this team is going to be much better than last season. I hope I’m wrong. We will soon find out.


Thanks for reading


Jay-Z Sports Agent

So as many of you sports fans know by now Jay-Z the hip hop mogul has started getting into the sports agent business. Although Jay has no certification for the job he has hired a partner who does and they are now partners with the biggest sports agency business in the world, CAA. Creative Artists Agency.

Now while he has proved to be a successful rap artist and entrepreneur with restaurants and a clothing line, the world of sports agency can not be micro managed as those others are. He intends to start his own agency, Roc Nation Sports.

Already in the past two weeks he has signed Robinson Cano and has interest from other high profiled athletes such as DeSean Jackson, Kevin Durant, Geno Smith, and Skylar Diggins. Not a bad list for a couple of weeks.

For the athletes I do not see what he brings to the table other than a big name and free concert tickets. They’re are men who have brokered some of the biggest deals in sports being turned down and turned away for Jay-Z and his upstart company. It comes down to, what is it he and his company can provide these players that power agents like Drew Rosenhaus can’t. I don’t know the answer to that but it must be enticing if some of the biggest names in professional sports are willing to risk their next contracts and future money and endorsements on Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports.

Personally I’d rather have a guy like Rosenhaus than the glitx and glamor of Roc Nation Sports. In the end it really doesn’t matter because these young men will get paid absurd money no matter who represents them.