Jay-Z Sports Agent

So as many of you sports fans know by now Jay-Z the hip hop mogul has started getting into the sports agent business. Although Jay has no certification for the job he has hired a partner who does and they are now partners with the biggest sports agency business in the world, CAA. Creative Artists Agency.

Now while he has proved to be a successful rap artist and entrepreneur with restaurants and a clothing line, the world of sports agency can not be micro managed as those others are. He intends to start his own agency, Roc Nation Sports.

Already in the past two weeks he has signed Robinson Cano and has interest from other high profiled athletes such as DeSean Jackson, Kevin Durant, Geno Smith, and Skylar Diggins. Not a bad list for a couple of weeks.

For the athletes I do not see what he brings to the table other than a big name and free concert tickets. They’re are men who have brokered some of the biggest deals in sports being turned down and turned away for Jay-Z and his upstart company. It comes down to, what is it he and his company can provide these players that power agents like Drew Rosenhaus can’t. I don’t know the answer to that but it must be enticing if some of the biggest names in professional sports are willing to risk their next contracts and future money and endorsements on Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports.

Personally I’d rather have a guy like Rosenhaus than the glitx and glamor of Roc Nation Sports. In the end it really doesn’t matter because these young men will get paid absurd money no matter who represents them.


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