Race, Politics, and Religion

As I said this blog is mainly a sports blog. Today however I veer from the sports world into the heaviest of topics. Race, Politics, and Religion.

Sadly there is still racism in the world today and here in America it’s still prevalent BUT it has also become a crutch and a way to stir things up that otherwise have no reason to be brought up. See Rob Parker‘s comments on Robert Griffin III.


We American’s have a black President and if a white person doesn’t like his politics or just the man himself, it’s labeled as “racism”, this is not true. It’s just a person with different skin and a differing opinion on the leader of our country.

Obviously as a white man I understand the historical meaning behind Obama‘s election. I don’t say I can relate to the 80-year-old black person who is only 2 generations removed from slavery in the United States. I can simply only imagine how monumental seeing a black man become President of the United States of America was. Black people came out in record numbers for both of Obama’s elections. Which is understandable as well. I don’t however understand how people can back this man as our country’s leader. He hasn’t done anything for our economy, or any other thing that the people need. Our National debt has gone up astronomically since he’s been in office. Has zero to do with what color the man is. To me he has failed as our country’s leader.

When he announced he was running for President he was the “cool” guy who liked sports said the NCAA Division 1 needed a football playoff and went on to do what ALL POLITICIANS DO, say what people want to hear.

Politicians are legal modern-day mobsters. It’s sad but it is true. They do what they want no matter how it affects the people or how immoral and wrong it may be. I don’t like politics and have no real interest in them because of the inherit corruption that’s embedded in the very fiber of the political world known as the District of Columbia.

There’s been much said and written about Obama being a Muslim. I’ve never heard him say what faith he is. I do know that his positions and legislation’s are very anti Christian. Our country is still predominantly a Christian nation. Sadly our world has become very anti Christian in all ways. Television is the biggest culprit. You can watch any number of shows and they will use God’s name in vain and that’s not bleeped out but the word “shit’ is.  The popular show ‘Family Guy‘ blatantly mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity a lot.  People say, “I don’t want to hear about your religion.” OK well I don’t care to hear you bring up my religion and bashing it. So no matter what your beliefs are why would you trash mine? If you don’t believe there is a God then why bash people who do believe? It seems like a waste of your time if you don’t believe in anything debating those who do, does what exactly?

I have no shame in my belief in Jesus Christ the Living Son of God. I’d had battles with doubts, failure, lack of faith, everything you name it I have struggled with it. Through it all my faith in Christ has gotten me beyond the battles and struggles. I believe the Bible is the infallible word of God inspired by His Spirit, His disciples and it is our life’s guide-book.

This post is pretty much open and shut about what I believe and these topics that are ever so touchy issues but one’s I felt I needed to address.

Thanks for reading.


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