Aaron Hernandez-The Plot Thickens

Four men left, three came home alive. As most you know New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez is in quite a bad spot. When it was first reported an “associate” of Hernandez was killed. Victim Odin Lloyd, Hernandez, and two other unnamed men went to a bar Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It seemed like many of the senseless alcohol fueled killings. Maybe a fight with someone at the club that led to a shooting or something of the sort. Then reports came pouring in that Lloyd was found dead about a mile away, in an industrial park, from Hernandez’ house in a Boston suburb. Still no indications of Hernandez’ involvement in the crime.

Fast forward to Thursday and reports were Hernandez was not cooperating with the police. Later in the day ABC News reported Hernandez’ cell phone and home surveillance system were damage. In fact, the cell phone was reportedly turned over to authorities ‘in pieces” and that the hard drive to the surveillance system was severely damaged. Then later on that day were reports of a cleaning crew that came in to thoroughly clean Hernandez’ residence.

Friday many reports were Hernandez would be arrested on Obstruction of Justice charges. Those reports never did become a reality. Now the question has to be why. Why was his phone and surveillance system damaged? Why did a cleaning crew come in? Why wouldn’t he cooperate with police?

I have to believe Hernandez was far more involved in the murder than just the Obstruction of Justice. An innocent man doesn’t do these sort of things. Now I don’t know if he pulled the trigger. I don’t know what his role was but I do believe he had a role in the death of Odin Lloyd. Was he just the driver? Did one of the other two men in the car kill Lloyd and Hernandez is protecting that guy?

I think, the reason for not arresting Hernandez on Obstruction of Justice charges is because he will indeed be charged with a higher crime and just wanted to make sure their case will be as tight as possible. Now he could face anything from the rumored Obstruction charges all the way up to first degree murder and really anything in between.

I fully expect police to make arrests in this case this week and we will learn some answers to all the whys.

Thanks for reading.


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