Miguel Cabrera on steriods?


This is what I heard while watching a sports t.v. show. My first reaction, “How dare you?” Being a lifetime Tiger’s fan, I set my fandom aside and looked at it from the average MLB fans perspective. Here’s another guy putting up incredible, monster numbers. Last season he won the AL Triple Crown award as we speak he is on pace to have better numbers this season IN EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC.

These are his current statistics  http://espn.go.com/mlb/player/_/id/5544/miguel-cabrera and we haven’t reached the All Star break yet.

So an average Joe fan is cynical by now, with the way baseball records have fallen quicker than music sales. I get it but here are the reasons WHY YOU CAN TRUST CABRERA’S NUMBERS. #1 He now has Prince Fielder hitting behind him #2 He has gotten in better shape, much better shape. First he had to come in last year ready to play 3rd base and when he switched to 1st base in 2008  he had let himself go a bit physically. #3  He‘d be the incredible Hulk if he indeed was on any sort of PED. His weight has fluctuated  but that has been due to switching positions. #4 Probably most importantly he has been dealing with an alcohol issue he has had throughout his career. In fact, it was reported that the Tigers’ 2012 post-division-clinching celebration held in the clubhouse in Kansas City was not attended by Cabrera, who desired to abstain from the festivities, even though the dowsing “champagne” was non-alcoholic.

So while the A-Rod’s and Ryan Braun‘s of the MLB world have made careers out of cheating. Miguel Cabrera has simply been naturally amazing. So like Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter and those we can reasonably believe they did it the right way add Miguel Cabrera to that list.



Thanks for reading.


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