MLB At The Break

WOW!! What a first half of the 2013 MLB season. There have been many surprises.

The Yankees have done nothing.


The Pirates are 19 games over .500.


The Red Sox have been winning since the beginning of the season.


The Angels are 11 games back of the Athletics.


The Los Angeles Dodgers are only 2 and a half back after being on the verge of firing Don Mattingly only two months ago.


Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis has 37 home runs at the All Star break.


Detroit Tiger’s Miguel Cabrera is on pace to put up better numbers in every statistical category from last season’s Triple Crown winning performance.

Los Angeles Angel’s Mike Trout is as good as he showed last year, slight drop off in his numbers but that was to be expected. The kid is a star.


Yasiel Puig this kid has been the Mike Trout of last year for the league and the Dodgers.

The best part for MLB is yet to come. If they have it their way Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun will both be banned from the league for their part in the biogenesis scandal.
I haven’t even mentioned all of the young exciting players like Nick Franklin in Seattle, or Starling Marte in Pittsburgh, Yoenis Cespedes in Oakland, Jose Iglesais in Boston, Jhoulys Chacin in Colorado, the list goes on. Major League Baseball is really at a good point right now with the influx of young talent and the excitement in cities that haven’t had good teams in decades.
Enjoy the second half.
Thanks for reading.

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