The Kardashians-An American Travesty

Am I wrong for hating EVERYTHING about the Kardashians? First lets start with the pimp of the family, the sellout, Kris Jenner. She is a deplorable human being. I have no doubt that once she found out her daughter Kim made a sex tape that she herself put it out there to the masses. I wouldn’t doubt if she told her daughter to make the tape. Kris Jenner is nothing more than a pimp. She has sold her children’s lives to gain fame, status, and wealth. Not only can she not get enough of herself and the notoriety that has come her way. She’s also made herself an “executive producer” for almost all of the crappy shows her and her kids are on. Thus getting even more money and having the “say so” about what does and does not get on the show.

Kim Kardashian is just a slut. People that call her a “business woman” make me laugh. By business they mean putting out a sex tape, dating and marrying a clueless dope in Kris Humphries, topping it off by dating and having a kid with another complete moron Kanye West?

Kourtney Kardashian is the ultimate rich snooty broad who really has nothing to offer the world. Her husband or boyfriend Scott is just a rich punk with alcohol problems.

Khloe Kardashian while she gets made fun of the most for her looks. I believe she’s the only one with an actual heart. Her and her husband Lamar Odom were wise enough to realize they didn’t want or need the attention of “reality” cameras following their every move.

Rob Kardashian is like the rest of the clan, naive and annoying. He obviously looks up to Lamar but really does nothing with all the resources available to him.

Bruce Jenner is beyond a beaten down miserable man. His “wife” puts EVERYTHING before him. I have no empathy for the guy because he could’ve gotten out of this a long time ago.

I just can’t wrap my head around why Americans have any sort of fascination with these people. Their everything that’s wrong with the world today. Self seeking, whiny, and completely out of touch with anything a real person deals with on a daily basis.

Would you sell your kid’s lives for money and notoriety? How has Kris Jenner not done exactly this?

These people dumb down our society and dear Lord don’t let your children watch this crap.

Thanks for reading.

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