Lions Fans Brace Yourselves

The first 2 pre season games are in the books and the starting offense has scored ZERO touchdowns.

Let me get the bad out-of-the-way.

The secondary looks really bad. Bill Bentley is NOT  a slot corner. We have NO reliable receivers other than Calvin Johnson. Brandon Pettitgrew is STILL dropping passes. Scott Linehan is still calling the same plays he’s been calling since the day he came to Detroit. Scott, that end around isn’t fooling ANYBODY. We have 2 good running backs; Joique Bell and Reggie Bush and Linehan never puts them on the field at the same time. It’s the same looks over and over and over.

This team is not a playoff team. It’d be a miracle if we could be an 8-8 team. Jim Schwartz sealed his fate this off-season when he fired a very good assistant coach, one the players liked and trusted, Shawn Jefferson and failed to fire Linehan. On top of that Martin Mayhew did the team NO favors by not drafting a true #2 WR. In the 2nd round he took yet another cornerback who seems to be another failed pick. Meanwhile Robert Woods and Aaron Dobson were both on the board. In the 3rd round Keenan Allen, Terrance Williams were there. The one draft he doesn’t trade up. It’s like this organization can not dig its head out of the darn sand.

Now for the good. Nick Fairley looks very good. Reggie Bush is going to help this offense, just not as much as many believed when he signed. Ezekiel Ansah is going to make plays. Willie Young looks like a new man. Chris Houston is the only steady player on the secondary.  So if your counting at home, it’s the defensive line as the positive and everyone else as a question mark at best.  I believe once Schwartz finally chooses his starting offensive line that they will continue to get better throughout the season, Continuity is key for offensive lineman and it’s only gained by playing together.

I’m tired of Lions fans and media alike trashing Matthew Stafford. The kid is a very good QB. He can’t make guys hold onto the ball for him. He can’t block for himself and he can’t implement new offensive packages that would give him a higher percentage of having a good play. The only thing he can do is A) Be accurate and B) Be smart with the ball.

I’m not hitting the panic button because of 2 pre season games. I said it back in March. This team as currently constructed is not a playoff team. I hope they prove me wrong but I see way too many flaws with management and personnel for this to be a playoff season.


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3 thoughts on “Lions Fans Brace Yourselves

  1. Shawn Jefferson wasn’t fired, he left on his own. He simply wasn’t re-signed.

    Pettigrew dropped A pass, not passES.

    The end around got us a nice 1st down in the Jets game, so it’s been 50/50 at worst.

    Leshoure has been a better runner than Bell in the preseason (Bell has been a better receiver, but always against second team).

    Darius Slay has allowed ONE catch in tight coverage over the past two games, how is that a failed pick?

    As to the #2 receiver thing, Lions ALSO passed on Justin Hunter, who has dropped passes like it’s his job in camp and preseason and ‘rubbed the coaches the wrong way’. That coach, by the way, is Shawn Jefferson. Keenan Allen, who you mentioned, has struggled with injuries, just like in college. Dobson was picked only a few spots before the Lions selected Warford, so he would have been a HUGE reach if picked earlier. Terrance Williams has been out with a concussion, so hardly a miss.

    • That’s not true. Jefferson was not retained but he was fired don’t let semantics rule your world. I didn’t say Pettitgrew dropped X amount of passes, simply that his dropsy’s from last year is carrying over to this year. You have to be kidding yourself you you truly believe Leshoure has been better than Bell. Allen wouldn’t be an upgrade to this roster? Dobson either? C’mon Kent we’re both Lions fans but we can’t walk around with Honolulu blue colored glasses all day long brother. As for Slay yes I probably, no I did go too far there.

  2. There’s a fundamental difference between someone being fired and someone leaving on their own. If you fire someone, and it was a mistake, it is 100% the team’s fault. Jefferson was NOT that great of a WR coach. Name one receiver he developed. He failed to make use of ANY Free Agent the Lions picked up, failed to develop any rookie that was drafted, and didn’t coach the drops out of Johnson’s game. He’s a big name coach that was let go because of poor results. Am I thrilled that we retained Lappano instead of Jefferson, no, but I won’t shed a tear because Jefferson is gone. He can go not develop talent elsewhere.

    No, I don’t see how Allen would be an upgrade since he’s injured. Not much help from the bench. I don’t think that Dobson would be a better pick than Warford. Dobson was considered a top 100 pick, or a 3rd rounder. He was picked at the bottom of the 2nd round. That’s a reach. Dobson has 4 catches on THIRTEEN targets in two games. He’s hardly setting the world on fire.

    There’s a big difference between drinking the kool-aid and just deciding that picks are bad or good based on where they were drafted. The Lions could use some receiving help, sure, but the draft picks most people wanted us to get have been doing poorly so far. Even the FAs people wanted us to nab have had troubles. People LOVE to latch onto the misses that an organization like the Lions make, but they always ignore the near misses. People were upset the Lions didn’t draft Jon Martin or David DeCastro last season, not so much, now. When the Lions didn’t draft a Tackle in 2011, people were extremely upset and HATED the Nick Fairley pickup, which is hilarious in hindsight.

    So far, the Lions drafted a DE that got pressure against two All Pro offensive Tackles just by being a better athlete. That’s EXTREMELY hard to do at the NFL level. Their second round pick has allowed only a single catch in two games despite being on the field more than all but THREE players (Hope, D.Johnson, and Whitehead). Their third round pick will be starting as soon as he corrects the one issue with his game, and has looked solid in both run and pass blocking whenever he’s on the field.

    It’s EASY to call the drafts a failure. It’s very difficult to look at it objectively as a fan and neither love everything they do because “I Am Te Lion Fans!” or hate it all because I’ve become completely jaded.

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