The Great Debate…..Comparing Era’s, Don’t Do It

So awhile back I was listening to Detroit radio host Matt Sheppard talking about Miguel Cabrera‘s season. He brought up Joe DiMaggio and how as a rookie he had something like 33 strikeouts THE ENTIRE SEASON. He pointed out the leader of strikeouts at that date was Mike Napoli who was close to around 200 strikeouts in August. No doubt what Joe DiMaggio did was incredible but I got to thinking in his time he faced 1 pitcher the whole game everyday. He never had to face middle relievers, specialists, or closers. I think it’d be fair to say his strikeout numbers would’ve been higher. How much higher? Nobody knows.

You take the NHL for example a player like Gordie Howe faced Goaltenders who wore next to nothing in padding. Compared to today’s goalies their padding probably takes up 65% of the net. Advantage Old School.

You look at the hockey stick itself and Howe played with essentially a piece of tree. Whereas today’s players play with composite graphite sticks that are ultra light. Advantage New School.

The NFL you can only breakdown by the decades otherwise the gap is just too enormous to justify. From how it was a running league to the current day wide open passing offense’s.

The rules in the NBA and NFL in particular have changed the games almost completely. You can’t really play defense, at least the way we grew up knowing defense, anymore and it’s saddening and a big adjustment to both the fans and players.

Joe Montana is the best QB who ever played in my opinion but many want to argue that Tom Brady is. Brady is great but EVERY Super Bowl he won was off the foot of Adam Vinatieri.

The debates are what make sports fun though but for me I want to stick to debating the same era’s. Barry Sanders v Emmitt Smith, Mario Lemieux v Wayne Gretzky, and so on.

So consider the factors of each player from their era’s to play a real role in these debates.

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NBA Flopping-How To Get Rid of It

So flopping in the NBA has been the big thing the past few seasons but this year, especially this post season, it has gotten to a place where it makes the game hard to watch and respect. When you have Lebron James getting bumped/pushed by a little 6ft 190lb point guard and all of a sudden James, 6’9″ 270lb, is on the floor it’s reached ridiculous heights.

The WWE may have more legitimacy than the NBA at this point. It’s not just James either it’s a league wide epidemic and the only way to stop this nonsense is to hand out suspensions. Do you think Lebron James cares about being fined $7,500? Not a chance. Would him not playing a game or two get his attention? You’re darn right it would and you start with James and the bigger names to show the rest of the NBA that status and popularity has nothing to do with it. It is most definitely a situation that has to be handled this off season.

Let me know your suggestions does the league need to hand out suspensions or heavier fines? What would you do to take care of this problem.

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Jay-Z Sports Agent

So as many of you sports fans know by now Jay-Z the hip hop mogul has started getting into the sports agent business. Although Jay has no certification for the job he has hired a partner who does and they are now partners with the biggest sports agency business in the world, CAA. Creative Artists Agency.

Now while he has proved to be a successful rap artist and entrepreneur with restaurants and a clothing line, the world of sports agency can not be micro managed as those others are. He intends to start his own agency, Roc Nation Sports.

Already in the past two weeks he has signed Robinson Cano and has interest from other high profiled athletes such as DeSean Jackson, Kevin Durant, Geno Smith, and Skylar Diggins. Not a bad list for a couple of weeks.

For the athletes I do not see what he brings to the table other than a big name and free concert tickets. They’re are men who have brokered some of the biggest deals in sports being turned down and turned away for Jay-Z and his upstart company. It comes down to, what is it he and his company can provide these players that power agents like Drew Rosenhaus can’t. I don’t know the answer to that but it must be enticing if some of the biggest names in professional sports are willing to risk their next contracts and future money and endorsements on Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports.

Personally I’d rather have a guy like Rosenhaus than the glitx and glamor of Roc Nation Sports. In the end it really doesn’t matter because these young men will get paid absurd money no matter who represents them.