From Medical Courier To National Sports Radio Show Producer- Dave Druda

Big thanks to Dave Druda for taking the time for this interview. Dave is a producer on the national simulcast The Tim Brando Show on Cbs Sports Network and on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. I was very happy to have this guy on, Dave tells us about how he came into the sports radio business. We discuss everything from his love of Florida State to television shows Breaking Bad and Duck Dynasty, his trip to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and hanging out with Larry The Cable Guy.

I hope if any of you haven’t listened or watched the Tim Brando Show that you will and hopefully this interview will inspire you if you love sports and want to do something in or around the games. You can follow Dave on twitter @DaveDruda

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Fox Sports 1 Debut

For a company to invest so much time and money into a channel Fox Sports 1 leaves a lot to be desired. Who ever  the developer of this, “America’s New Sports Network”, channel was did a bad job. How do you start a channel that only has 3 shows? Crowd Goes Wild, Fox Football Daily, and Fox Sports Live.

I mean you have NO morning programming at all, just re-airs of Fox Sports Live. Which re-airs from 2 A.M. until 12 P.M. (Noon).  That is just far too much “dead time” for any channel. They need a show from 8 A.M. until 12 P.M. to fill a good portion of that “dead time”.

So let’s breakdown the shows. Crowd Goes Wild- They dug up Regis Philbin to host the show. They have a British woman Georgie Thompson who talks about soccer. Really the show is a mess it’s boring and has no real direction.

Fox Football Daily- Hosted by Curt Menfee and Jay Glazer, They hit the mark with this show with analysts like Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber, Randy Moss, and ex head of NFL officiating Mike Pereira. While mainly an NFL show it does cover college as well and it’s just a very good program.

Fox Sports Live- The anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are really bad. I guess Fox thought they were funny but they aren’t Ryan Field and Don Bell currently the weekend anchors are much better without the failed attempts at humor. Fox Sports Live does do something good though with their panel of former athletes to talk about the day’s top stories. The panel hosted by Charissa Thompson that includes Donovan McNabb, Andy Roddick, and Gary Payton.

My hope for the channel is that it dumps Crowd Goes Wild and the anchors of Fox Sports Live and adds better and more programming. It’s a learning process but hopefully it won’t take the executives long to figure out what stays and what goes and where improvement is needed.


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