How The Patriots Went Wrong

The New England Patriots for about the last decade have been the organization everybody else in the NFL looked up to. Well that has changed and dramatically but there’s a key turning point the Patriots took that led them to this road where they are today.

Starting in 2004 the Patriots brought in Corey Dillon who had a reputation in the league as a bad guy,bad teammate . Now he was never in trouble with the law, he was seen as a bad guy mainly because the team he played for his entire career until the trade to New England was the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals sucked and he was really their only true star player and the losing took a toll on him.

While a member of the Patriots he helped lead the team to a Championship and did well there because even if they didn’t win multiple Championships with him there, they were competitive more than the Bengals could say.

Then three years later the Patriots brought in Randy Moss. While Moss had one issue with a traffic cop, like Dillon, he was looked at as just a bad guy, bad teammate in NFL circles. Unlike he previous teams Moss was professional as a member of the Patriots and productive too. While he never did win a Championship as a Patriot this began the mantra, “The Patriot Way”.

Also included in “The Patriot Way”, was trading guys in their prime or not re-signing guys who had been very good players for them. Richard Seymour, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, are all examples of this. The Patriots always did one thing right though, they drafted the right guys. They drafted football players who really cared about nothing else but the game.

In 2010 their draft approach took a different turn. Instead of taking solid players who loved the game, they started taking risks. They drafted 3 Florida Gators all with plenty of talent and a lot of warnings and red flags as well. They drafted Jermaine Cunningham, Aaron Hernandez, and Brandon Spikes.

In 2012, Cunningham was suspended for violating the NFL performance enhancing substances policy. In 2010, Spikes was suspended four games (the remainder of the 2010 regular season) for a violation of the NFL’s banned substances policy. Brandon Spikes reputation in New England is not very good, according to Tom Curran, Patriots beat writer.

In the 2012 draft the Patriots took another guy many teams had removed from their draft boards because of his trouble with the law. Alfonzo Dennard was a highly ranked cornerback going into the 2012 draft but his talent was overlooked by most because 3 days before the draft he allegedly punched an officer at a bar. He was ultimately found guilty of doing so and was sentenced to 30 days in jail in 2013 to be served in 2014. On July 11, 2o13 he was arrested for suspicion on DUI, a whole three months into his 24 month probation.

It’s one thing to bring in a guy who is thought of as a “bad teammate”, it’s entirely different to bring in guys with extensive criminal pasts and expect them to continue “The Patriot Way”.

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Aaron Hernandez- The Picture Gets Clearer

Seemingly every day that passes the news for, the former New England Patriots Tight End, Aaron Hernandez just keeps getting worse.

How does it get worse than 1st degree murder charges? Being the prime suspect in a double homicide, that’s how.

Hernandez is now under investigation for a double murder in July of 2012, in Boston. According to reports the double homicide happened when an SUV,with Rhode Island plates, pulled up alongside the car both were stopped at a stoplight. Then gunfire from the SUV riddled the car killing both the driver and passenger and wounding another passenger.

It all stems from a brawl that the two men killed were involved in with a group Hernandez was with. Apparently Odin Lloyd, the man Hernandez is charged with killing in “execution style”, knew about the 2012 killings and was talking with people Hernandez did not like. Thus giving the Prosecution a clear motive for Lloyd’s killing.

The amount of involvement Hernandez had, if any, in the 2012 double homicide case is still very unknown. Was he the driver? The gunman? Or just a passenger?

One thing is certain. Aaron Hernandez is going to have his hands full to ever see the freedom he once had.

Is Hernandez a cold-blooded psychopathic killer? Is he just a dumb ass?  I don’t know for sure.

What I do know is people like Geraldo Rivera need to shut their mouths. Rivera on FOX News went on about the NFL having a “gang culture”. That’s pure bull. He didn’t paint with a broad brush, he opened the paint can and just threw it against the wall. There are roughly 1.600 NFL players. How many Aaron Hernandez’ have we had? One. It’s just like any other profession you have some bad people but even the bad one’s aren’t killers.

I didn’t hear Rivera on this soapbox when O.J. Simpson was on trial. MOST athletes are from inner cities and crime and gang ridden places. Most of the time the kids who have good athletic prospects weed themselves out by either going all in, in the gang life or just letting sports fall by the wayside altogether far before they start receiving any letters or calls from college’s.

So there is no “gang culture” in the NFL and Rivera and other media types are simply flapping their jaws with zero facts to back up their claims and off the cuff comments.

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Aaron Hernandez-What’s Next?

Nine days after the body of Odin Lloyd was found dead with multiple bullet wounds to his chest and back. Today Wednesday June 26th 2013, Aaron Hernandez has been officially charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was also charged with 5 counts of unlawful possession of firearms.

As I mentioned, in a previous post here, things did not look good for the former New England Patriots Tight End a week ago. All the talk then was he was to be charged with Obstruction of Justice. Far too many things didn’t add up for him to be just obstructing justice. The damage to his cell phone and home surveillance system, then having a cleaning crew to basically “scrub the evidence.”

So looking forward what happens? Now these are just my own thoughts. I believe he would LOVE the D.A. to offer a plea deal to him. maybe dropping it to second degree murder with a chance to be a free man someday way down the road. I do not believe the D.A. will offer him anything. I believe they have such an airtight case that they will look to convict him and that he will end up with a LIFE sentence.

I believe one or both of the other men have spilled everything on Hernandez and the police executed several search warrants to ensure that they would be in position to make sure they get their man.

So in summary, I believe Hernandez is looking at LIFE in prison.

Please share your thoughts and reply to my posts.

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Aaron Hernandez-The Plot Thickens

Four men left, three came home alive. As most you know New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez is in quite a bad spot. When it was first reported an “associate” of Hernandez was killed. Victim Odin Lloyd, Hernandez, and two other unnamed men went to a bar Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It seemed like many of the senseless alcohol fueled killings. Maybe a fight with someone at the club that led to a shooting or something of the sort. Then reports came pouring in that Lloyd was found dead about a mile away, in an industrial park, from Hernandez’ house in a Boston suburb. Still no indications of Hernandez’ involvement in the crime.

Fast forward to Thursday and reports were Hernandez was not cooperating with the police. Later in the day ABC News reported Hernandez’ cell phone and home surveillance system were damage. In fact, the cell phone was reportedly turned over to authorities ‘in pieces” and that the hard drive to the surveillance system was severely damaged. Then later on that day were reports of a cleaning crew that came in to thoroughly clean Hernandez’ residence.

Friday many reports were Hernandez would be arrested on Obstruction of Justice charges. Those reports never did become a reality. Now the question has to be why. Why was his phone and surveillance system damaged? Why did a cleaning crew come in? Why wouldn’t he cooperate with police?

I have to believe Hernandez was far more involved in the murder than just the Obstruction of Justice. An innocent man doesn’t do these sort of things. Now I don’t know if he pulled the trigger. I don’t know what his role was but I do believe he had a role in the death of Odin Lloyd. Was he just the driver? Did one of the other two men in the car kill Lloyd and Hernandez is protecting that guy?

I think, the reason for not arresting Hernandez on Obstruction of Justice charges is because he will indeed be charged with a higher crime and just wanted to make sure their case will be as tight as possible. Now he could face anything from the rumored Obstruction charges all the way up to first degree murder and really anything in between.

I fully expect police to make arrests in this case this week and we will learn some answers to all the whys.

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