Matthew Stafford’s Critics Are Unfounded

Matthew Stafford, the name brings up automatic debate. His mechanics, 1-23 vs winning teams, and on and on. Matthew Stafford’s career can be summarized by yesterday’s game. The Lions had 2 offensive touchdowns overturned and a defensive touchdown taken away from a penalty.

At halftime the Detroit Lions had 5 dropped passes. Calvin Johnson had a 20 yard Touchdown reversed because he failed to complete the “process” of the catch, 1 fumble (Brandon Pettitgrew), 1 Interception off pass deflected at the line on scrimmage, Deandre Levy Interception Touchdown called back (Ndamukong Suh illegal block), and Louis Delmas flagged for taunting Vikings WR Jerome Simpson.

Now is Stafford perfect? No, nobody is but he is darn good. He can’t help what Suh, Delmas, Pettitgrew do. Nor can he control if his WR is going to complete the “process” of the catch. All he can control is where he throws the ball and what he does when the ball is in his hands. How many times did we watch Joey Harrington take stupid sacks when he could have just thrown the ball away? Stafford plays a smart game for the most part. Everyone is going to make mistakes but Stafford rarely makes the same ones.

For some reason SOME Lions fans think Stafford is a bad QB. I totally disagree. Could he mix in a few pump fakes? Yeah. All in all I think he is a Top 10 QB in this league and only ascending. So while Ron Jaworski can babble on ESPN about how horrible Matthew’s mechanics are according to him, who wasn’t exactly a great QB himself. Love these analysts who weren’t really that good and crush these guys playing today. Sean Salisbury was an ESPN analyst for crying out loud. Now if Kurt Warner or anyone with some real credibility speaks I will listen but these ESPN guys are just made for tv. Their job is to stir the proverbial pot. ESPN has become a joke.

So while Matthew Stafford knows the QB gets the love for the Wins and hate for the Losses it’s hardly all on him.

Show me one of these names you’d bring back over Stafford.

Charlie Batch
Daunte Culpepper
Ty Detmer
Gus Frerotte
Jeff Garcia
Joey Harrington
Drew Henson
Jon Kitna
Erik Kramer
Dave Krieg
Mike McMahon
Scott Mitchell
Dan Orlovsky
Rodney Peete
Drew Stanton
Andre Ware

You can’t honestly say Stafford is not better than all these guys. At least I can not.



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A Look At The Lions 2012 Final Roster Positional Breakdown By Numbers

2012 Detroit Lions roster   *************My predictions on how this year’s team will shake out by the numbers
Quarterbacks   3       This year   2

14 Shaun Hill
17 Kellen Moore
9 Matthew Stafford

Running Backs  5   This year 4

35 Joique Bell
45 Shaun Chapas FB
25 Mikel Leshoure
    11 Stefan Logan
    30 Kevin Smith

Wide Receivers   5   This year 5

18 Kris Durham
81 Calvin Johnson
    10 Kassim Osgood
    80 Brian Robiskie
    19 Mike Thomas

Tight Ends  3   This year 4

89 Will Heller
87 Brandon Pettigrew
85 Tony Scheffler

Offensive Linemen    9        5 T’s         2 C’s         2 G’s   This year 9

   76 Jeff Backus T
    77 Gosder Cherilus T
70 Jason Fox T
65 Dylan Gandy C
78 Corey Hilliard T
  66 Stephen Peterman G
51 Dominic Raiola C
71 Riley Reiff T
67 Rob Sims G

Defensive Linemen 9          5 DE’s       4 DT’s           This year 10

    92 Cliff Avril DE
    96 Andre Fluellen DT
    94 Lawrence Jackson DE
97 Ronnell Lewis DE
    95 Ogemdi Nwagbuo DT
    63 Jimmy Saddler-McQueen DT
90 Ndamukong Suh DT
    93 Kyle Vanden Bosch DE
79 Willie Young DE

Linebackers    6    This year 6

    52 Justin Durant OLB
54 DeAndre Levy OLB
50 Travis Lewis MLB
58 Ashlee Palmer MLB
55 Stephen Tulloch MLB
59 Tahir Whitehead OLB

Defensive Backs  10        5 CB’s       3 SS’        2 FS’    This year 10

41 Ron Bartell CB
32 Don Carey SS
26 Louis Delmas FS
31 Drayton Florence CB
36 Jonte Green CB
23 Chris Houston CB
    24 Tyrell Johnson SS
    27 Pat Lee CB
    39 Ricardo Silva SS
29 John Wendling FS

Special Teams    3     This year 3

   4 Jason Hanson K
5 Nick Harris P
48 Don Muhlbach LS

Reserve Lists

28 Bill Bentley CB (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
    44 Jahvid Best RB (PUP) Injury icon 2.svg
84 Ryan Broyles WR (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
13 Nate Burleson WR (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
98 Nick Fairley DT (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
33 Chris Greenwood CB (PUP) Injury icon 2.svg
    36 Jerome Harrison RB (NF-Ill.) Injury icon 2.svg
    98 Sammie Hill DT (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
    21 Jacob Lacey CB (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
    61 Bill Nagy G (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
42 Amari Spievey SS (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
    99 Corey Williams DT (IR) Injury icon 2.svg
    16 Titus Young WR (IR) Injury icon 2.svg

Practice Squad

74 Rodney Austin G
    38 Conroy Black CB
    73 Justin Boren G
    12 Troy Burrell WR
83 Patrick Edwards WR (Injured) Injury icon 2.svg
   47 Carmen Messina MLB
    43 Devin Moore RB
    40 Lionel Smith CB (Injured) Injury icon 2.svg
    34 Ross Weaver CB

Rookies in italics
53 Active, 13 Inactive, 9 Practice Squad


Players with lines through them are no longer in the organization.



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Lions Observations From Patroits Game

Joique Bell is better than Leshoure, deal with it.

Jason Jones looks like a stud.

Reggie Bush, Matthew Stafford, Chris Houston all impressive.

Far too many penalties and STILL LACKING DISCIPLINE. Willie Young incomplete pass on 2nd down taunts Tom Brady. STUPID. Nick Fairley and C.J. Mosley each with Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties as well.

Offensive line is set and looked much better this week.

Ezekiel Ansah and Darius Slay will have rookie growing pains, I expect Ansah to have some real nice SPLASH plays.

DeAndre Levy has been real good looking all pre season long.

David Akers will be our kicker.

Kellen Moore was ok for the #3 QB still going to be surprised if he makes the team.

Patrick Edwards did not impress.

Matt Willis has looked real nice.

Looks like the 3 players, Justin Bannan, Rocky McIntosh, Rashaen Mathis, the Lions just brought in will be playing and making contributions.

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Martin Mayhew Is He A Competent General Manager?


Martin Mayhew has been an utter failure at drafting. There’s no way around that fact.  He has moved up in the draft two times for running backs. First, for Jahvid Best taking a gamble on a player who had maybe the worst looking concussion college football has ever seen.

They moved up and traded with Minnesota for the 30th overall pick, Here are the details; Detroit traded its second- and one of its seventh-round picks to the Vikings and flip-flopped picks in the fourth round with Minnesota. The Vikings went on to take Chris Cook with the 34th pick Everson Griffen and Mickey Schuler Jr. So the Vikings didn’t make out real well there.

Then the very next draft the Lions traded with Seattle for the 57th pick to take Mikel Leshoure. Here are the details; Seattle traded its 2nd-round pick, 5th-round and 7th-rd pick for Detroit’s 3rd (75), 4th (107), 5th (No. 154) and 7th (205). Leaving Detroit with ZERO picks in the 3rd and 4th round. How did the Seattle Seahawks fair? Well they got a solid backup Guard in John Moffitt and oh yeah with pick no. 154 in the 5th round they drafted a guy named Richard Sherman. Not that the Detroit Lions would have had the foresight to select the kid but it adds just a wee bit more salt in the wound.

As you can see I only rated 4 out of his 21 picks as Good to Great. When you take out Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh who were No.1 overall picks that means he has found 2 Good to Great players AND NONE OF THEM CAME PAST THE 1ST ROUND.

You look at the Packers and Ravens and the teams who are good, they draft guys like Ray Rice Marshal Yanda, Morgan Burnett, James Jones. Then they found guys WHO WEREN’T DRAFTED like Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, James Ihedigbo. The Lions currently have 1 undrafted player who has seen significant time on the active roster. Drum roll please…… Ashlee Palmer. Mostly a special teamer fighting for the Strong Side Linebacker position this year.

So you can decide if Mayhew has done a good job at drafting or not. Don’t forget one last thing, the team he inherited was horrible but it did have Calvin Johnson.

Martin Mayhew Picks

Underlined players are no longer in the Lions organization.
Total Miss  9           Marginal player/career  7        Good to Great player/career   4

1a     1     Matthew Stafford     QB     Georgia
1b     20     Brandon Pettigrew(from Dallas)     TE     Oklahoma State
2      33     Louis Delmas     S     Western Michigan
3b     76     DeAndre Levy(From Saints through Jets)     OLB     Wisconsin
3c      82     Derrick Williams(from Dallas)     WR     Penn State
4      115     Sammie Lee Hill(From Redskins through Jets)     DT     Stillman
6b     192     Aaron Brown(from Dallas)     RB     TCU
7a     228     Lydon Murtha(from the Jets)     OT     Nebraska
7b     235     Zack Follet(From Falcons through Broncos)     OLB     California
7c     255     Dan Gronkowski(Compensatory selection)     TE     Maryland

4 players left out of 10
1a    2     Ndamukong Suh     DT     Nebraska
1b     30     Jahvid Best(from Minnesota)     RB     California
3     66     Amari Spievey     CB     Iowa
4b      128     Jason Fox(from Minnesota)     T     Miami
7b     213     Willie Young(from Seattle)     DE     North Carolina State
7e     255     Tim Toone     WR     Weber State

4 players left out of 6
1     13     Nick Fairley     DT     Auburn
2a     44     Titus Young     WR     Boise State
2b      57     Mikel Leshoure     RB     Illinois
5c     157     Doug Hogue     LB     Syracuse
7b    209     Johnny Culbreath(from Cle through Sea)     T     South Carolina State

2 players left out of 5

So from 2009 through 2011 we have 10 players left out of 21, doesn’t take a math major to see his success rate is a shade under 50%. Not the success rate you want when THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM IS BUILT, not free agency, but the draft.

1     23     Riley Reiff     OT     Iowa
2     54     Ryan Broyles     WR     Oklahoma
3     85     Dwight Bentley     CB     Louisiana Lafayette
4b     125     Ronnell Lewis     OLB/DE     Oklahoma
5a     138     Tahir Whitehead     OLB     Temple
5b     148     Chris Greenwood     CB     Albion
6     196     Jonte Green     DB     New Mexico State
7a     223     Travis Lewis     OLB     Oklahoma
1     5     Ezekiel Ansah     DE     BYU
2     36     Darius Slay     CB     Mississippi State
3     68     Larry Warford     G     Kentucky
4     132     Devin Taylor(Comp.)     DE     South Carolina
5     165     Sam Martin (From Ravens through Seahawks)     P     Appalachian St.
6     171     Corey Fuller     WR     Virginia Tech
6     199     Theo Riddick (From 49ers through Ravens and Seahawks) RB     Notre Dame
7     211     Michael Williams     TE     Alabama
7a     245     Brandon Hepburn (Comp.)     ILB     Florida A&M




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