NBA Flopping-How To Get Rid of It

So flopping in the NBA has been the big thing the past few seasons but this year, especially this post season, it has gotten to a place where it makes the game hard to watch and respect. When you have Lebron James getting bumped/pushed by a little 6ft 190lb point guard and all of a sudden James, 6’9″ 270lb, is on the floor it’s reached ridiculous heights.

The WWE may have more legitimacy than the NBA at this point. It’s not just James either it’s a league wide epidemic and the only way to stop this nonsense is to hand out suspensions. Do you think Lebron James cares about being fined $7,500? Not a chance. Would him not playing a game or two get his attention? You’re darn right it would and you start with James and the bigger names to show the rest of the NBA that status and popularity has nothing to do with it. It is most definitely a situation that has to be handled this off season.

Let me know your suggestions does the league need to hand out suspensions or heavier fines? What would you do to take care of this problem.

Thanks for reading, Kevin.