2013 NFL Hall of Fame Class

The 2013 NFL Hall of Fame class is in the books. The following were inducted; Bill Parcells, Cris Carter, Warren Sapp, Jonathan Odgen. With two senior selections as well, Curley Culp, and Dave Robinson


Five players failed to get in this class on the final vote. Jerome Bettis, Michael Strahan, Charles Haley, Aeneas Williams, and Andre Reed.

Bill Parcells.
Should He Be In? Yes. I totally agree with him being in the HOF. Parcells was a terrific Head Coach. He won two Super Bowls in the biggest media market in the country with the New York Giants and lead the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl as well. He also went into upper management with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Cris Carter
Should He Be In? No. While Carter was a good wide receiver He’s not a Hall of Fame player. His best quality as a player was his ability to get his tip toes in bounds while making a catch. He never  went to a Super Bowl, was only voted All Pro first team twice. Carter would be an ordinary receiver in today’s NFL all of his records will be broken soon.

Warren Sapp
Should He Be In? Absolutely. Warren was an absolute problem playing the 2 technique from his Defensive Tackle position in the now famed “Tampa 2” defense. I could put the stats up but it really doesn’t matter his was the heart and soul of the Buccaneers defense that ultimately won the Super Bowl in 2003. Warren was a special player able to still smile and have fun while playing in the trenches.

Jonathan Ogden
Should He Be In? Yes. There were only two Hall of Fame Left Tackles in the past decade and a half. Orlando Pace and Johnathan Ogden. Ogden was superb both technically and physically. While he never had an elite quarterback to protect he was awesome as a run blocker too. For an offensive tackle to get to the second and sometimes third level(s) of the defense is basically unheard of except on a screen or something but Ogden would often do it and just road grade defensive players. It’s no coincidence that most of Jamal Lewis’ 2000 yard season came behind Ogden and the left side of that offensive line.
Dave Robinson

Curley Culp
Never seen either of these men play so I can not give an honest opinion on how great they were but they must have been great to be Hall of Fame players.

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2013 NFL All Underrated Team-NFC

Arizona Cardinals- While Darnell Dockett gets all the press, Calais Campbell is most definitely the underrated player of this team.

Atlanta Falcons- While the offense gets all the attention and the defense has names like Osi Umenyiora and Asante Samuel, William Moore is the guy who is the difference maker.

Carolina Panthers-  Jonathan Stewart while he and DeAngelo Williams splits reps and basically are about equal in talent and production, Stewart gives them a great two back backfield.

Chicago Bears- Amongst NFL fans this guy is known but he should be known much more. Charles Tillman is the best player and has been on the Bears for years. His ability to play coverage and the run is at a rare level. His ability to force fumbles is incredibly underrated by mainstream fans.

Dallas Cowboys- This was a hard one because they have young up and coming guys but they’re coming off injuries and you never know the value of a guy until he plays again. That said, Dwayne Harris is an underrated kid. Solid in both kick and punt returns and on coverage. Not to mention he is a good 3rd or 4th WR.

Detroit Lions- Without a shadow of a doubt Detroit’s most underrated player is Cornerback Chris Houston. Houston has been a very good player since his arrival to Detroit and deserves more recognition around the league.

Green Bay Packers– Among all the weapons in Green Bay’s arsenal the most underrated and undervalued player by far is John Kuhn. He plays a dying position, fullback, and is very versatile. Blocks well, catches and runs at critical times for first downs and has had his share of TD’s as well.

Minnesota Vikings- With Jared Allen on one end, on the other is Minnesota’s most underrated player. Brian Robison in the past two seasons Robison has 16 and a half sacks and 6 forced fumbles. Very much the benefits from Allen and Kevin Williams on that line.

New York Giants- Many good candidates on this team but the one who stands out to me is Safety  Stevie Brown. He has really stepped up and filled a hole in the back-end of that defense.

New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees and Darren Sproles get all the publicity but the underrated player on this team is Pierre Thomas. Thomas has been so good that he has made Mark Ingram virtually expendable.

Philadelphia Eagles- While the offensive line gets a lot of heat one guy stands out. Todd Herremans he has played every position except Center and while he’s not a great player that kind of versatility has helped Philadelphia immensely with all the injuries along that line in recent years.

San Francisco 49ers- While Colin Kaepernick and the defense get most of the credit and press coverage the glue and fiber of this team is Vernon Davis. Yes the same guy who was told to leave the field, game in progress, by former Head Coach Mike Singletary. Not only has he grown up as a player but he puts the team first even if that means sacrifice in his own statistics.

Seattle Seahawks- By far the most underrated player on this team is Red Bryant. He plays a 2 gap technique and can play both Defensive End and Defensive Tackle. He has been the rock of their defense and allows the rushers and coverage players to make plays.

St. Louis Rams- Without question this was the hardest team to find an underrated player on. They either have good established guys like Courtland Finnegan, Chris Long, or a bunch of bad players but I did find one guy who was very good for them last year and helped them win games. Kicker Greg Zuerlein. The kid had a league best 13 fields goals past 50 yards in his rookie campaign. While his overall field goal percentage wasn’t spectacular it was not bad either. I think, they found themselves a nice contributor for years to come.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Not a lot to work with on this roster either but Mason Foster seems to be the best candidate for the Bucs. A solid tackler and hard worker this 3rd round pick in 2011, has earned the starting spot at middle linebacker and now we’ll see if he is the player most draftniks thought coming out of the University of Washington.

Washington Redskins- Quick, who was the best rookie running back last year? Alfred Morris that’s who. Once again Mike Shanahan found himself a stud running back at the bottom of the draft in 2012. Morris never had a fair shot at Rookie of the Year with Luck, Wilson and RGIII but he was by far the most consistent and best player for the Redskins last season. RGIII got the media coverage, Morris stole the show.

I’ll be posting my AFC All Underrated Team soon.

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