Aaron Hernandez-What’s Next?

Nine days after the body of Odin Lloyd was found dead with multiple bullet wounds to his chest and back. Today Wednesday June 26th 2013, Aaron Hernandez has been officially charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was also charged with 5 counts of unlawful possession of firearms.

As I mentioned, in a previous post here, things did not look good for the former New England Patriots Tight End a week ago. All the talk then was he was to be charged with Obstruction of Justice. Far too many things didn’t add up for him to be just obstructing justice. The damage to his cell phone and home surveillance system, then having a cleaning crew to basically “scrub the evidence.”

So looking forward what happens? Now these are just my own thoughts. I believe he would LOVE the D.A. to offer a plea deal to him. maybe dropping it to second degree murder with a chance to be a free man someday way down the road. I do not believe the D.A. will offer him anything. I believe they have such an airtight case that they will look to convict him and that he will end up with a LIFE sentence.

I believe one or both of the other men have spilled everything on Hernandez and the police executed several search warrants to ensure that they would be in position to make sure they get their man.

So in summary, I believe Hernandez is looking at LIFE in prison.

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